We understand that the process of getting your project from breaking ground to selling the final unit can be overwhelming.
We're here to guide the way.

Flipp's unified approach to lease-up and marketing means the left hand knows what the right hand is doing, and more importantly, why it's doing it. It eliminates a layer of confusion and costs by bringing together what is often multiple companies and consultants. Sales Team, Design Firm, Advertising Agency, Interactive Studios, Media Consultants, Digital & Social Media, etc. All of these service offerings are now under one roof, resulting in greater consistency and fewer redundancies.


Research and Advisory

Research is the first step taken by Flipp REM. Our marketing team relies on this information to determine who our target market is and to use this information to drive all marketing initiatives. Analyzing all research to-date, our team identifies any gaps and provides supplementary research focusing on market understanding, recent product absorption, pricing and competitors.

Project Marketing

We are firm believers that the nucleus of your marketing is a solid plan
– with a road map in hand you're best positioned for success.

The Flipp team is comprised of creatives, planners, designers, developers and tech-savvy problem solvers capable of delivering on a wide range of marketing services. From project naming and branding to design, pathing and point of sale collateral for discovery centres; print and interactive advertising campaigns to complex database driven CMS website design. Our focus is the success of the project.

In-Depth Understanding of the Goals

Our first step in establishing a blueprint for your sales and marketing program is a planning/visioning session we call 'Vision Fest'.

A Full-Service Advertising Agency at Your Disposal

Flipp's Project Marketing is powered by an in-house team. A full-service, award-winning advertising agency.

Aligned Teams From the Start

Our in-house sales team is engaged from the start to ensure the marketing plans, launch design and events are in tune with consumer demands and market conditions.

Strategic Road Map

Company background, project history, research and planning to date, competitive landscape - our goal is to truly understand your target market and how to best position your project.

Project Building
Real Estate Marketing Mistakes

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Advertising & Communications

Our Advertising and Communication services utilize messaging that is aligned with sales from the start and focused on leading our customers through the sales funnel journey of; Curiosity, Enlightenment and Commitment. It's not enough anymore to just blanket a city, province or region with your message. You need to understand who, where and when they are searching and make sure that the message you show is solving a problem or sparks curiosity. Assessment of project needs, the latest media trends, and the habits of the target audience is completed to develop a strategic media plan including a digital and social media strategy.


Identify opportunities, collect insights and inform the way forward.


Set out clear goals, define audiences, establish brand voice and provide a roadmap for action.


Effectively and flawlessly execute with our in-house team.


Report on the goals that matter and the details that make the difference.


What's working? What's not? Shift and optimize. Stretch for more.

Repeat the cycle

Harder, better, faster, stronger - our work is never over.

House Front

Sales and

Our experienced sales and leasing team has been at the table since day one. This ensures that they are ready to work on multiple fronts to not only open the doors to a new, functional and engaging sales/leasing centre, but also to ensure the right team is in place to guide prospects through the sales and leasing process. Our sales and leasing team will not only know your product better than anyone else, they will know each of the competitors and target market better than anyone else. These steps work concurrently with each other and in conjunction with the marketing team, leading to a seamless experience for your clients from start to finish.

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