As you are planning your next steps to re-open, you are likely struggling with the new realities the industry is facing in the Covid-19 era. Your sales professionals have skills that are typically built around relationships and trust and first interactions typically include a warm welcome and a handshake. Consumers are expecting measures in place to ensure their safety, which includes physical barriers, masks, distancing etc. This is counterintuitive to how your sales professionals would want to welcome clients into their office and a consideration as you move forward.

Existing presentation centres will have limitations on how to retrofit the space to be safe for consumers but if you are in the process of designing/building a new centre in the post Covid era, you must be aware of the balance between a welcoming sales environment and a safe one for consumers. You cannot have one or the other but must have both to ensure your sales professionals can still sell the dream of new home ownership for their clients.

Equally important to the presentation centre is the expectation from consumers of an online experience that will have all the information to help with their decision. Builders and developers that are investing into online experiences for their projects are yielding results. These new online experiences must be in line with the feel and brand that was created for your project. Quality virtual tours, 3d renderings and online availability of your sales professionals to answer questions are paramount. This is an opportunity for you to finally implement systems and processes that you’ve been dreaming of for many years but perhaps has been cost prohibitive or are just not in line with “the way it has always been done”. 

Flipp REM not only has extensive experience in the design and functionality of presentation centres, we have Flipp Advertising under the same roof to help with messaging and ensuring consumers have a sense of confidence and safety when working with your sales staff. Please reach out to us, we would love to have a conversation.

Stay well, Stay safe.